Banking & Financial services companies may differ in focus, but they face many similar challenges and opportunities. Internet has placed more power in the hands of customers than ever before. They are demanding more choices in products, increased access in channels and better value for their money. And as companies expand globally, they need sophisticated risk management and customer care systems.

  • Trade more efficiently and get instant and trusted access to international markets.
  • Structure and target more innovative product offering for the growing mass of technology-savvy and affluent customers.
  • Better service institutional clients by building seamless and well-integrated networks.

IPP Technologies end-to-end customized financial services solutions optimize the performance and efficiency of trading, order management, decision support and risk management for the securities, insurance, and commercial and retail banking sectors. The solution set also brings an industry perspective to critical e-Business initiatives such as eCommerce, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Supply Chain Management (SCM), Enterprise Resource Management (ERM), and Customer Experience (CE) Design.

Our solutions and methodologies map to the functional, architectural, and navigational requirements of our clients. We guide your company through design, development and launch, delivering financial services solutions that address your organization’s specific business requirements. Issues such as globalization, localization, and use of multiple currencies are addressed in the solution design phase, as part of the design process.

Our financial services solutions target key areas of the e-Business value chain for companies in every segment of the industry. Alliances with best-of-breed technology providers, combined with our broad knowledge of industry challenges and opportunities, enable us to deliver targeted solutions in the following areas:

  • Custom Trading Systems: Enabling trading across asset classes and products, and improving information timeliness and trading performance.
  • Order Management Systems: Integrating market and order status data in real time.
  • Portfolio Management: Providing advanced analytics and data visualization in enterprise portfolio systems.
  • Decision Support: Building custom analytic and data visualization tools for traders, trading management and risk management.
  • Compliance Systems: Offering compliance solutions to meet regulatory reporting requirements and analytic solutions for internal compliance analysis.
  • Market Connectivity: Integrating internal trading and order management systems with global markets.
  • Customer Connectivity: Providing a single point of access to internal systems across products and integrating data across channels – a single point of customer access.
  • Enterprise Risk Management: Building systems to enable integrated reporting of market risk measurements across trading books for multiple geographic locations, asset classes and products.
  • Business Valuation and Advisory Services: Offering a technology assessment of a target company to evaluate a possible acquisition.
  • Infrastructure and Technology Rationalization: Providing an infrastructure assessment to help financial institutions rationalize significant investments, with a focus on short-term return on investment (ROI).
  • Enterprise Portals: Building systems to provide an aggregated view of enterprise and third party information across multiple applications and channels.

Why you should go with IPP Technologies for Banking & Financial Solutions:

  • Auditing
  • Checking & Deposit Account
  • Corporate Strategy Management
  • Credit Portfolio Management
  • Cross-Selling Management
  • Customer Acquisition Documents
  • Customer-Based Operations
  • Finance & Management Accounting
  • Implementation in Business Management
  • Trading Operations
  • Interest Rate & Liquidity Management
  • Loyalty Management
  • Market Analysis
  • Market Risk Management
  • Operational Risk Management
  • Payments/Check Order Operations
  • Providing Documentation
  • Regulatory Compliance