BPO Services Highlights

IPP also provides high caliber BPO Inbound & Outbound services from its fully integrated &infrastructured facility from Manila, Philippines. It caters services to different geographies such as Australia, Australia and USA with its 250 seated capacity. It has secured office space for your staff, supervisors and developed the connectivity technology that puts your near shore staff right in your office.

The world of work is changing faster than ever and the old rules of business are losing their relevance. No longer does money or technology guarantee growth and productivity, its talent that will drive the business forward. IPP brings you innovative workforce solutions that power your business success and make the seemingly impossible humanly possible.

It allows employers to recruit and hire near shore staff in the same way as you would hire locals. Unlike other providers, IPP does not markup on salaries; these are passed on to our customers at cost. IPP’s business model is to charge a fee for the facilities and services it provides to make this possible.

With IPP you choose and manage your own people, who report to you directly. You retain control. As you would with your local-based staff all you pay is their salary and employee on-costs. We provide everything to manage your staff in a modern, fully provisioned and comfortable office, including recruitment, HR, supervision, payrolling, productivity management, quality control, computers, and IT Support Desk – all included.

Reducing costs and having a better performing business has always been the focus of managers. But reducing what is likely to be your biggest cost – staff salaries and staffing costs – has always been difficult. IPP is the first to establish a simple channel to access human resources at a lower cost. Now you can make significant cost reductions without impacting the effectiveness of your business operations. You can even increase staff numbers and still reduce total costs.

Foreign companies can now take advantage of “Nearshoring” to

  • Reduce the cost of salaries and wages by an average 80%;
  • Reduce office infrastructure cost by an average 25%
  • Reduce risk through employer-friendly labor laws
  • Improve performance of non-core aspects of day-to-day administration, business management, I.T., sales, marketing and customer care

IPP BPO ‘Near Shore’ Services include

  • Outbound / Inbound services
  • Marketing Services
  • Data Entry Management Services
  • Back Office Support Services