Organizations not only want to grow leaner in their core business processes but also become leaner and tidier in their paper handling, management and movement. Electronic Document Management Systems are here to stay and IPP has a dedicated team of consultants in this space.

IPP’s document management solutions are based on the industry-leading collaboration products from Microsoft SharePoint, EMC Documentum and Open Source Alfresco. It caters its ECM/DMS services and solutions to wide geographies such as Australia, Middle East, Philippines, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and USA. It has implemented robust ECM/DMS solutions in many Ministries, Government, Federal and Private projects and has more than 70 clients.

Our solution approach starts from ‘studying the line of business, processes within and outside the organization (such as clients, contractors, sub-contractors etc.) and volume of documents & content, shared folders, soft copies and emails that are currently being created and received’. This study is carried out across all departments of the organization. We would then split these categories to documents which are created within a department, stay with that department; created within a department, shared to other departments; created within a department, externally shared; documents received from external sources.

IPP’S DMS Expertise

  • Installation& Configurationof SharePoint Server/Alfresco/Documentum
  • Implementationof 3rd party tools for empowering SharePoint/Alfresco/Documentum
  • Upgradationof current SharePoint version to higher version from (WSSv2 or WSSv3, 2003, 2007 to 2010 & 2013)
  • Migrationof SP 2007 to 2010 & 2013 using Metalogix Migration Manager
  • Migrate content from File Systems & Legacy Systems Developing solutionson top of SharePoint/Alfresco/DCTM platforms
  • Integrationwith Line-of-Business Applications
  • Implementationof BI on SharePoint/Alfresco/DCTM
  • User and Administrator Training
  • SharePoint web designing
  • Scaling up & Server recommendations Integrate to ERP’s, CRM and LOB systems
  • Migrate content from eRoom, Documentum, Livelink, Stellant Customizationof SharePoint Server
  • Content Management and Document Management
  • Workflow Solutions


  • Based on Microsoft SharePoint 2007 / 2010
  • Web Based, Multi Browser Support
  • We handle migration from File Shares, Legacy Document Management Systems, earlier SharePoint Versions
  • English and Arabic UI
  • Multiple Versions Handling
  • Custom Metadata Columns
  • Multi Level Administration
  • Check In and Check Out Capabilities
  • Integrated Scanning and OCRing (English & Arabic)
  • Integrated Document Movement, Feedback, Approval Workflows
  • Integrated with Microsoft Office
  • Integrated with Microsoft Exchange