Performance and Load Testing Tools – Radview

  • Does your web application function properly under load?
  • Do the response times meet your target requirements?
  • How many simultaneous users can your web application handle?
  • Are your current Performance and Load Testing Tools too expensive to maintain?
  • Or, the cost of such tools is too expensive for you to buy and put to effective use?

RadView™ Software Ltd, is a leading provider of Performance and Load Testing software. With more than 2,000 customer sites worldwide, and providing companies with highly efficient, robust solutions for testing the performance, RadView has achieved performance Testing Leadership with its award winning WebLOAD product that has delivered results to major industries and leading Enterprises & IT Service Providers worldwide including but not limited to AerLingus, Best Western, Citigroup, Deutsche Bank, Federal Express, Harvard University, Morningstar, Kinkos, Samsung, and Sun Microsystems.

Performance and Load Testing Tools – Radview

  • Easy handling for both novice testers & experienced users
  • Quickly and accurately identifies performance bottlenecks
  • Exactly pin-points the causes of problems
  • Effectively creates real-life scenarios
  • Standard scripting language – enables better communication
  • Between quality assurance professionals and developers
  • Rapidly completes testing cycles

WebLOAD Professional – How does it Help?

  • Test your web-based applications to assess their performance against anticipated load
  • Identify bottlenecks or applets, add-ons, plug-ins, embedded objects that causes errors and delays in application load time. It can pinpoint exactly what can cause problems
  • Uses standard scripting language (Javascript) so no need to learn a new language, and enables a better communication between developers
  • Generates and analyses easy to read reports with its comprehensive Analytics
  • Efficiently makes sure your applications are ready for operations

IPP is a business partner to RadView Software Ltd (a global supplier of software quality assurance products) and is a re-seller of RadView’s Performance and Load Testing Software tools in Australia/New Zealand and its target markets in the APAC Region & the Middle-East Region. IPP also offers related implementation & support services for RadView’s Products to businesses who want to ensure that their Internet applications can handle the anticipated load when the system goes live.
In addition, IPP also offers a comprehensive suite of Testing Services to its clients in Australia/New Zealand and its target markets in the APAC Region & the Middle-East Region.