IPP Test: The System and Device Testing Solution

IPP Test® enables QA organisations to achieve quality objectives and meet release dates without requiring late nights or sacrificing test coverage. A powerful testing tool, IPP Test automates critical testing processes to accelerate system and device testing throughout the QA organisation.

A Unified Approach to Testing

IPP Test is an integrated test authoring and execution solution built for testers, developers, and automation teams. It provides QA organisations with a unified approach for rapidly developing, automating, and maintaining test cases. With IPP Test, QA organisations can:

  • Accelerate testing throughout the QA organization by reducing manual tasks
  • Enable all QA team members to effectively contribute to automation efforts, regardless of skill level
  • Automate testing by easily implementing and automating pass/fail criteria within tests
  • Improve collaboration across teams and between companies with a standardized communication platform
  • Streamline testing by integrating automated processes with existing testing infrastructures

Tailored to Meet Specific User Needs

Available in three editions, IPP Test match the right functionality to the right job role, experience level, and use model. QA team members-from developers to automation engineers-can use different editions of IPP Test to create a highly efficient automation assembly line.

IPP Test Personal

IPP Test Personal is ideal for manual testers, developers, or those who test on an infrequent basis. It simplifies the testing process by providing all the functionality needed to create complex, repeatable tests.

IPP Test Team

IPP Test Team is the preferred solution for feature testers and engineers with experience using scripting languages. It builds on the functionality of IPP Test Personal, adding the ability to create pass/fail criteria for any test.

IPP Test Enterprise

IPP Test Enterprise provides expert testers and automation teams with all the functionality of IPP Test Team, plus powerful abstraction for regression testing and test portability.

IPP offers its clients cost-effective Testing services

  • Outsourced core functional Testing services
  • Test Automation Services
  • Performance and Load testing services
  • Security and Penetration Testing Services